Assembly League Greenwich July 6th 2017

The 4th Assembly League race of the season took place on the banks of the Thames at North Greenwich and Kent AC were more dominate than ever in the men’s race filling the first three places and six of the top ten.  Owen Hind made a rare appearance in the league to win comfortably from John Gilbert and Jordan Weavers – a result many might have predicted pre-race.  Conditions were warm and humid and with an early shower in the race and a head wind as the runners made the first turn and headed east there was something for even the most season of weather watching runners.
Joe Hartley and Adrian Lowther ran the whole race stride for stride and similarly Pete Lighting and Rob Laing followed them round but remained unable to close the gap.  Indeed throughout the race Kent AC packed well and the internal club battles no doubt inspired the passing of many athletes from other clubs.  Amy Clements was totally dominant in the ladies race, winning by over a minute as she finished the 2.95 in 16:32.  The success didn’t stop there though, Isaac Maxwell’s recent good run of form saw him finish first U20 in 41st place overall.

ASSEMBLY LEAGUE,     Greenwich    July 6th                                                   

Posn        Name                       Club/Scoring pos       Category  Time        Category points posn

1                      Owen             Hind              Kent               SM                  14:50             M/1

2                      John               Gilbert          Kent               SM                  14:54             M/2

3                      Jordan            Weaver          Kent               SM                  15:03             M/3

4                      Jim                  Allchin         Stock E         SM                  15:17             M/4

5                      Joe                  Hartley          Kent               SM                  15:30             M/5

6                      Adrian           Lowther        Kent               SM                  15:31             M/6

7                      Dan                Kennedy       Raven            SM                  15:38             M/7

8                      Carl                Assmundsen                        VPHTH         SM                  15:44             M/8

9                      Peter              Lighting       Kent/             SM                  15:46             M/9

10                   Simon            Wurr              Stock E         M40               15:47             M/10, M40/1

11                   Dylan            Wymer           Dulw             SM                  15:47

12                   Rob                Laing             Kent               M40               15:49             M40/2

13                   Danny           Kendall         Camb H         SM                  15:51

14                   Andy             Bond              Dulw             M40               15:57             M40/3

15                   Carl                Selya-Hammer                     VPHTH         SM                  16:02

16                   Steve              Hobbs           VPHTH         M40               16:03             M40/4

17                   Sean               Fitzpatrick   Stock E         SM                  16:04

18                   Rowan           Crichton       Kent               SM                  16:11

19                   Paul               Gaimster       VPHTH         M40               16:12             M40/5

20                   Ben                 Reynolds      Stock E         M50               16:14             M50/1

21                   Andy             Summers        VPHTH         SM                  16:15

22                   Phil                Sanders         Kent               M40 (Now M45)                16:16             M40/6

23                   Rob                Osborne        Lloyds          M40               16:16             M40/7

24                   James              McDonald    Camb H         SM                  16:17

25                   Alan               Barnes           Stock E         SM                  16:18

26                   Neil                Phillips        Kent               SM                  16:20

27                   Ron                Taylor            Kent               SM                  16:20

28                   Steve              Davies           Dulw             M45               16:21             M45/1

29                   Nigel             Ling               Dartf               M40               16:22             M40/8

30                   Steve              Hodges         Camb H         SM                  16:22

31                   Che                 Compton       Kent               M40               16:25             M40/9

32                   Calum            Fraser             Kent               SM                  16:25

33                   Simon            Craddock      Serp                SM                  16:27

34                   Gary               Towers          Eton M          SM                  16:30

1W/35           Amy               Clements       Kent               SW                 16:32             W/1

36/35M         James              Hutchinson Eton M          SM                  16:36

37/36M         Mark              Lally              Beck               SM                  16:42

38/37M         Stephen         Whitehead   Stock E         M45               16:43             M45/2

39/38M         Tony              Tuohy            Dulw             M50               16:44             M50/2

40/39M         Ed                   Harper           Dulw             SM                  16:51

41/40M         Isaac               Maxwell        Kent               U20M (U17)                       16:55             U20/1

42/41M         Dave              Finch             VPHTH         M40               16:57             M40/10

43/42M         David            Jones              VPHTH         SM                  17:02

44/43M         Lloyd            Collier           Dulw             M40               17:08

45/44M         Peter              Holmes          Serp                SM                  17:12

46/45M         Sam                 Duggan         VPHTH         SM                  17:22

47/46M         Paul               Boddey         Eton M          SM                  17:23

48/47M         Matt               Moroney       Kent               SM                  17:26

49/48M         Russell          Beard             Lloyds          M40               17:30

50/49M         Duncan         Steen              VPHTH         SM                  17:31

51/50M         Dave              Cato               Eton M          SM                  17:33

52/51M         David            Kelly             Lon U            M45               17:35             M45/3

53/52M         Kevin            Chadwick     Petts W         SM                  17:36

54/53M         Simeon          Bennett         VPHTH         M40               17:38

2W/55           Helena           Eastham        Lloyds          SW                 17:39             SW/2

56/54M         Luke              Abrams          Kent               U20 (U15)   17:44             U20/2

57/55M         Len                 Reilly            Kent               M55               17:50             M55/1

58/56M         Marcus          Karia              Kent               SM                  17:52

59/57M         Stephen         Pond              Petts W         M45               17:56             M45/4

60/58M         Dave              Wilkinson   Lloyds          SM                  17:58

61/59M         Ian                  Ellwood       Kent               SM                  18:01

62/60M         Richard         Elliott           Kent               SM                  18:02

63/61M         Gavin            Lau                 VPHTH         SM                  18:04

64/62M         Luke              Armitage       Kent               M50               18:04             M50/3

65/63M         Joe                  Walker          VPHTH         SM                  18:06

66/64M         Ollie              Robinson     Lloyds          SM                  18:07

67/65M         Tony              Lashmar        VPHTH         M40               18:08

3W/68           Sophie           Donges         VPHTH         SW                 18:08

69/66M         Ben                 Green             VPHTH         SM                  18:09

70/67M         James              Pilch              Eton M          SM                  18:13

71/68M         Jamie              Giles              Serp                SM                  18:14

72/69M         John               Crawley        Lloyds          SM                  18:18

4W/73           Mandy           Dohren          VPHTH         W35               18:20             W/4, W35/1

74/70M         Sam                 Villis             VPHTH         SM                  18:22

75/71M         Arif                 Merali            Kent               M45               18:22

76/72M         Mike              Jones              VPHTH         SM                  18:25

77/73M         Tom                Wilson          Dulw             SM                  18:26

5W/78           Katie              Rowland       Kent               SW                 18:26             W/5

79/74M         Ed                   Osborne        Beck               M40               18:27

80/75M         Robin            McCoy          Lloyds          M50               18:28             M50/4

81/76M         Simon            Cottle            Eton M          SM                  18:29

82/77M         Enrique         Casarrubios VPHTH         M40               18:31

83/78M         Matthew       Pond              Petts W         U20M            18:33             U20/3

84/79M         James              Howlett        Eton M          SM                  18:36

85/80M         Lucas             Zando            Kent               U20M (U15)                       18:36             U20/4











86/81M         Jude                Weekly         Kent               U20M (U15)                       18:37             U20/5

87/82M         Paul               Kingston      Stock E         M45               18:37             M45/5

88/83M         Michael         Smith             Petts W         SM                  18:38

89/84M         Justin             Warren          Ravens          SM                  18:40

6W/90           Rachel           Thomas          VPHTH         SW                 18:43

91/85M         Matthew       Walker          VPHTH         SM                  18:47

7W/92           Alex               Gounelas      Eton M          W35               18:48             W/7, W35/2

93/86M         George          Fernandez     Eton M          U20M            18:53             U20/6

94/87M         Peter              St Amour      Camb H         M40               18:55

95/88M         David            Cowie            Stock E         M45               18:55             M45/6

96/89M         Guy                Reder             Kent               SM                  18:56

97/90M         Nigel             Cairns            Llloyds         M45               18:58             M45/7

98/91M         Gary               Sullivan        Dulw             M55               18:58             M55/2

99/92M         Adrian           Dracup          Kent               SM                  19:00

8W/100        Amy               Leach             Ravens          U20W           19:01             W/8, U20W/1

101/93M      Owain           Crispin          Eton M          SM                  19:02

102/94M      Greg               Galezia          Dulw             M40               19:02

103/95M      Paul               Crompton     Kent               M45               19:04             M45/8

104/96M      Luke              Parker            Serp                SM                  19:06

105/97M      David            Salmons        Lloyds          M45               19:06             M45/9

106/98M      Elliot             Stephenson  VPHTH         SM                  19:09

107/99M      Tim                 Springett      Petts W         M50               19:10             M50/5

108/100M    Sam                 Harvey          Ravens          SM                  19:11

109/101M    Steve              Smythe          Dulw             M55               19:17             M55/3

9W/110        Isabel             Bradley         Kent               SW                 19:19             W/9

10W/111      Selma             Benattia        Dulw             W35               19:22             W/10, W35/3

112/102M    Rob                Somerville    Eton M          M45               19:24             M45/10

11W/113      Naomi            Dews             Eton M          SW                 19:28

114/103M    Joseph           Newcombe   Beck               SM                  19:29

115/104M    Hugh             Balfour          Dulw             M60               19:29             M60/1

116/105M    Graham          Maynard       Camb H         M50               19:30             M50/6

117/106M    Andrew         McLauchlan                        Stock E         M40               19:31

12W/118      Karen             Ellison          Stock E         SW                 19:35

119/107M    Mark              Cross             Camb H         M55               19:39             M55/4

120/108M    Tony              Wain              Serp                M50               19:40             M50/7

13W/121      Lucy              Elms               Dulw             U20W           19:41             U20W/2

122/109M    Dave              Daugirda      Eton M          M50               19:42             M50/8

14W/123      Kelly             Clark              VPHTH         W35               19:42             W35/4

124/110M    Mike              Fullilove      Dulw             M50               19:45             M50/8

125/111M    Tom                Poynton       Serp                M40               19:48

15W/126      Sara                Flanaghan    Eton M          W40               19:50             W40/1

16W/127      Donna           Mews             Beck               W45               19:52             W45/1

128/112M    Bernie            Hutchinson Kent               M60               19:52             M60/2

129/113M    Lee                 Butler            VPHTH         SM                  19:53

130/114M    Pete                Fisher            Petts W         M45               19:53

131/115M    Jim                  Dowsett        Dulw             M40               19:54

132/116M    Theo               Gaymes         Kent               SM                  19:55

133/117M    Oscar             Zurdo             Kent               U20M (U13M)                   19:55             U20M/7

134/118M    Rob                Crangle         Serp                M55               19:56             M55/5

135/119M    Dan                Bowers          Kent               M40               19:56

136/120M    Marcus          Elwes            Petts W         M50               19:58             M50/9

17W/137      Ali                  Farrall            Kent               W40               19:59             W40/2