Surrey League Mitcham 11th November 2017




Although Kent AC had considerably strengthened the team that kept us in close contention at the first fixture, a measure of the quality of the league this season is perhaps illustrated by the fact that although we had four finishers in the first ten (6th, 7th, 8th and 9th), we still didn’t manage to win the fixture at Mitcham. Hercules Wimbledon got the better of us with a demonstration of their strength in depth. From our point of view, though, there was nothing to be downbeat about – in fact there was plenty to enthuse about. For starters it seems we actually made it to having 40 runners on the start line – a club record I believe. In addition, it was great to see four of our runners in the top ten and fascinating to see the individual battles that took place within this group. For much of the race it looked as though our regular second claimer, Max Nicholls, was going to come out on top. However, he may have paid a little for being the closest of the quartet to the lead group for the opening two laps. And it was a lead group that contained some real class acts, with the eventual winner again being Nick Goolab from Belgrave. In the end our leading quartet finished in the following order: John Gilbert (6th) Jordan Weaver (7th) Max Nicholls (8th) and Chris Greenwood (9th)

A huge positive to come out of the race was the impressive performance of young Noah Armitage–Hookes.  Noah was just outside the top twenty (22nd) in his Surrey League, senior debut. Post -match the consensus was that Noah was our man of the match.  Not far behind Noah was Dame Dibaba (26th).  At the start Dame again charged off into the lead and was with the leading pack for a while. Although he didn’t manage to finish as high as he did in the first fixture, the fixture at Mitcham contained more quality athletes at the front end and so to finish where he did is still seriously good running. Our next two runners, Ben Hope (36) and Chris McGurk (37) had a battle for most of the race and could hardly be separated at the finish. The ‘A’ team was completed by Joe Hartley (46th) and Neil Phillips (50th). Neil pipped Pete Lighting by the narrowest of margins. (See pic for Pete’s last ditch effort)

It was remiss of me not to mention in the last report that this year’s league also features a ‘B’ team competition – especially as we headed the table after the first fixture and consolidated our position at Mitcham.  A glance at the Surrey League site results will show how solid we are in this department. The ‘B’ team competition also has an incentive for the top finishers. For instance, in this fixture the likes of Pete and Adrian have narrowly missed out in scoring for the ‘A’ team. But maybe they’ll find that little bit extra at the next fixture and move into the ‘A’ team. Although with the level of competition around it’s going to be tough.

The first fixture at Reigate saw Thames take the lead, but they’ve slipped back a little at Mitcham. They were closely followed by Hercules and then ourselves just a few points behind. With Hercules extremely strong performance in the second fixture they have taken the overall lead with us not too far behind in second. Looks like things are nicely set up for the remaining two fixtures.

Finally, a pat on the back for the Kent AC oldies (plus not so old, Lawrence Avery and Rob Moye) who in conjunction with Clapham Chasers helped put on the race. Special mention to Bob Harris a member of 1980’s vintage who made the trip up from Truro to watch the race and got roped into helping out.  And no, it’s not the Bob Harris.

A Team: after 2 matches

  1. Hercules Wimbledon   534 pts
  2. Kent AC                      565 pts
  3. Thames H & H            636 pts
  4. Herne Hill H                732 pts
  5. Belgrave H                   907 pts
  6. South London H         1033 pts
  7. Ranelagh H                 1077 pts
  8. Clapham C                  1160 pts
  9. Reigate P                     1546 pts

B Team; after 2 matches

  1. Kent AC                      242 pts
  2. Ranelagh H                  702 pts
  3. Thames H&H               733 pts
  4. Hercules W                   750 pts
  5. Clapham  C                   799 pts
  6. Herne Hill H                  882 pts
  7. South London H           1035 pts
  8. Reigate P                      1507 pts
  9. Belgrave H                   1539 pts


A Team

6th    John Gilbert           27 48

7th    Jordan Weaver       27 49

8th    Max Nicholls         27 50

9th    Chris Greenwood   27 54

22nd  Noah Armitage       28 42

26th   Dame Dibaba         28 55

36th   Ben Hope               29 25

37th   Chris McGurk        29 25

46th  Joe Hartley              29 51

50th  Neil Phillips            30 02

Position    2nd

B Team

51st  Peter Lighting         30 02       1st
54th  Adrian Lowther      30 09       3rd

73rd  Jonathan Tipper      30 42       9th

85th  Sam Evans              31 09      11th

86th  Niall Robinson       31 11       12th

87th  Calum Fraser          31 15       13th

88th  Sean Fitzpatrick     31 20        14th

93rd  Rowan Critchton    31 35        17th

95th  Daniel Ansell          31 37        18th

100th Stuart Beaney         31 42        21st

Position    1st


104th  Jonathan Beatty     31 47

105th  Tim Alexander       31 54

114th  Che Compton         32 11

120th  Chris Minns           32 17

126th  Will Pitt                 32 25

138th  Ben Cook              32 44

139th  Jules Gevers          32 45

166th  Ron Taylor             34 08

171st   Anthony Johnson   34 28

183rd  Chris Lederer         35 14

186th  Steve Henshell       35 18

190th  Adrian Dracup        35 24

191st  Eric Karsenty          35 26

197th  Luke Armitage        35 51

208th  Tim Sharp               36 26

212th  Roger Beardsworth 36 47

220th  Paul Crompton        37 31

239th  Mark Anderson        39 59

240th  Neil Gordon- Orr     40 25

249th  Ted Hadlow              50 20             40 runners – a Kent AC record


Southern League Mitcham Nov 11 2017

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