4th Surrey League meetings 10th Feb


Mens Results

    Surrey CC League – Final match 


at Putney Vale (THH course) on Sat 10th Feb 2018


2nd    John Gilbert                       27 23                                                Teams:  1st   Kent AC                        176                      5th     Jordan Weaver                   28 28                                                             2nd   Hercules Wimbledon   213

6th     Nick Torry                         28 34                                                              3rd   Ranelagh H                  391

7th     Tom Mower                       28 35                                                              4th   South London H          422

16th   Chris Greenwood              29 01                                                               5th   Thames Hare & H       476

17th   Ben Harding                      29 03                                                               6th   Clapham Chasers        499

21st    Dame Dibaba                    29 22                                                               7th   Herne Hill H               524

32nd   Noah Armitage-Hookes    29 57  – First U20  – Won the Overall U20     8th   Belgrave H                 652

34th    James Bowler                   30 01                          Competition                  9th  Reigate Priory             742

36th    Gareth Anderson               30 03


41st    Joe Hartley                        30 15                                        B Teams:        1st    Kent AC                        99

43rd   Jonathan Tipper                 30 18                                                                2nd  Hercules Wimbledon  112

44th   Peter Lighting                    30 21                                                                3rd   Ranelagh H                 325

54th   Rob Laing                          30 43                                                                4th   Clapham Chasers        344

55th   Sean Fitzpatrick                 30 44                                                                5th    South London H         450

60th   Dan Pettit                           30 49                                                                6th    Herne Hill H               587

67th   Phil Sanders                       31 01                                                                7th    Thames H &H             598

72nd  Sam Evans                         31 11                                                                 8th    Belgrave H                  787

82nd  Lawrence Avery                 31 37                                                                 9th    Reigate Priory             793

83rd   Neil Phillips                       31 38


88th  Adrian Lowther                   31 46

90th  Tim Alexander                    31 50

92nd David Mills                         31 58

97th  Stuart Beaney                      32 08

100th  Calum Fraser                     32 16

122nd Ian Ellwood                       33 07

127th  Andy Moreton                   33 12

132nd Julian Gevers                     33 26

136th Lee Haze                             33 22

141st Ben McGeown                    33 47

154th Tom Thain                           34 09

164th Che Compton                      34 31

165th Chris Lederer                      34 33

181st Len Reilly                            35 35

182nd Arif Merali                          35 44

190th Ron Taylor                           35 59

209th Adam Garcia                        37 25

221st Luke Armitage                      39 03

240th Bernie Hutchinson                42 30        –  1st O60  Veteran in Overall Competition

244th Ted Hadlow


40 finishers – a Kent AC record

Surrey CC League – Final table 2018
1st     KENT AC                      924
2nd    Hercules Wimbledon      949
3rd    Thames H & H               1458
4th     Herne Hill H                  1770
5th     Ranelagh H                    1948
6th     South London H             2011
7th     Belgrave H                      2123
8th     Clapham Chasers            2143
9th     Reigate Priory                 3054
B Teams
1st      KENT AC                       426
2nd     Hercules Wimbledon     1056                 
3rd      Ranelagh H                    1337
4th      Clapham Chasers           1463
5th      Thames H & H               1757
6th      Herne Hill H                  1997
7th      South London H             2110
8th      Reigate Priory                3094
9th      Belgrave H                     3131





For their final fixture Kent AC women made the short journey across London to Richmond Park –  a venue that is many peoples favourite for cross country running. While the conditions weren’t quite as bad as they had encountered at Stanmer Park for the Southerns, they were still pretty miserable. Constant rain had made the normally dry Richmond Park a good deal more slippery than usual. However, the actual course, which I believe was different from the one normally used, met with largely positive approval.

Although some way below full strength, the team was considerably bolstered by several who weren’t able to join the select band who had made the trip to Brighton for the Southerns. As is usually the case, the Surrey Division I boasted a very competitive field, containing a host of quality runners. Our first runner, continuing her excellent season, was Katie Rowland. Katie was 26th – just a few places down on former GB marathon international, Marie Yamauchi. Alright, she may not be training like she did in her heyday, but Yamuauchi is still a class runner. For Katie to be so close to the ex- international would seem to demonstrate the progress she’s made.  Jen Smith (36th) had another really strong run, as did Catherine (43rd), who had led the team so well in the difficult conditions at Brighton. Behind Catherine, perhaps even doing well to finish was Isabel Bradley (46th). Just like Alex Yee the previous week, Isabel received a nasty spike wound when tripped during the race. Clearly, being a Kent AC runner, she’s made of tough stuff!

Eliza Grant (62nd) just got the better of Victoria Buck(68th) for the coveted last scoring place in the team. Victoria consoled herself with a trek over Wimbledon Common with a few other intrepid souls to see the men’s race.

The results on the site show that there were a number of other runs that deserved praise. Mention must go to Zoe Gaffen who was in the top five of her age group over the series of races. Zoe, of course, is a long- standing Kent AC member. In fact, she was running for the club long before we had anything resembling a women’s team.

So this season we really consolidated our position in the top division – and commendably we did so when we were missing some of our top performers. If the missing runners can be restored to full fitness, then next season we could make a real impact.

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Womens Surrey League Richmond Park

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Photos Mens Match:


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