British League at Nuneaton on Sat 2nd June 2018

 British League at Nuneaton on Sat 2nd June 2018

A great result for the club on a warm, sunny day at Nuneaton, which was a new venue for us ,as we produced a fine 2nd place and that us into 3rd place in the league – only 1 point away from the top 2 promotion slots.

We had a small team on the day, only 17 athletes, but it was well balanced with the maximum number of events per athlete being four on the day – so no one was over stretched and we produced, for the first time ever, no changes at all to the planned team.

As usual we got off to a slow but solid start with us getting more than the minimum number of points in the Pole Vault and High Jump through captain Joe Appiah, Ethelbert Metzger and Shaun Mulligan. Then new recruit Sam Lyon jumped well in the Long Jump to secure 2nd place with a jump of 6.89 m and was well backed up by Joe Appiah who jumped 6.11 m to secure 3rd place in the B string.

Next up was the 400m Hurdles where Jean Charles Roghi, despite not being fully fit, produced a solid run to secure 6th place in the A string and was well backed up by Shaun Mulligan in the B string as he just broke the minute with a time of 59.9 secs to gain 4th place – but was really blowing by the end !

Then in the 100 m we had GB International Conrad Williams who ran solidly to gain 4th place in 10.88 secs and a great win in the B string from relatively new boy Nathan Brown in a time of 10.89 secs. We had to fill in the A middle distance events for once but Dan Pettit ran a well judged race to run a PB of 2min 00.9 secs in the B race. We were also filling in the Steeplechase but Neil Phillips delivered a fine 4th place in the A string (despite one refusal) and new boy Ian Ellwood ran a excellent PB time of 10 min 44 secs to secure a well judged 3rd place in the B race.

In the 110 m hurdles our two specialists, Joe Appiah and Ethelbert Metzner performed well in good standard races to gain 4th and 6th place respectively.

Next up was the 400 m where the talented Shawn Wright ran a well judged race and secured a fine 2nd place in 48.24 secs – a great run given the wind and the fact that he is only just coming back from injury. He was backed up well in the B race by George Huxley who was just edged out into 6th place in the B race but he will improve substantially as he is also getting over injury.

We had edged up to 4th place in the team competition by then but now the charge was coming !  First Conrad Williams ran well to secure 3rd place in the A 200 m and was backed up well by Reece Dimesh in the B race as he secured a close 5th place in a time of 22.68 secs. Then the Discus came in as Sean Breathnach secured a fine win with a throw of 48.23 m and he was well backed up by our own Courtney Green who gained a fine 2nd place in the B string with a season’s best of 37.42 m.

Then our Irish star Sean Breathnach secured another A string win in the Shot with a throw of 17.67 m and was again backed up brilliantly by Courtney Green who won the B string with another season’s best of 13.16 m. Another great event came in and news of Sam Lyon worth to the team was validated as he came an excellent 2nd in the Triple Jump with a jump of 13.69 m with solid back up from the key man to our success on the day, Shaun Mulligan, securing even more points with a best of 11.00 m in his fourth event of the day.

Next up was our ever reliable pair of John Gilbert and Jordan Weaver in the 5000 m who both ran really well in tough warm conditions to lose virtually all opposition and gain us 2ndplace in the A string and a fine win in the B string.

Then came our only hiccup in our charge to the line as we were disqualified in the 4 x 100 m relay despite the box lines being all but invisible. This however just charged up our boys in the 4 x 400 m relay with great early legs from Shawn Wright and Conrad Williams before George Huxley and Reece Dimesh closed to gain a superb 2nd place in 3 mins 19 secs – just behind a fine Scottish International team.

Results were slow to come out but we enjoyed our trip back to London on the train secure that with a bit of effort on our part we can make a return to Div 1 our priority for the rest of the season.

British League Division 2                                        at Nuneaton on Sat 2nd June 2018
                         A STRING               Time     Pos Winner         B STRING                Time      Pos.    Winner   Pts.
100 Conrad Williams 10.88 4 10.43 Nathan Brown 10.89 1     / 22
200 Conrad Williams 21.80 3 21.60 Reece Dimesh 22.68 5 22.65 16
400 Shawn Wright 48.24 2 47.57 George Huxley 52.82 6 48.6 17
800 Jordan Weaver 2-08.9 8 1-50.8 Dan Pettit 2-00.9 6 1-56.4   7
1500 Dan Pettit 4-18.2 6 3-57 Neil Phillips 4-39.4 6 4- 01   9
5000 John Gilbert 15-07. 2 14-57 Jordan Weaver 15-13.4 1     / 26
3000Sc Neil Phillips 10-32. 4 9-33 Ian Ellwood 10-44.7 3 10-02 18
110H Joe Appiah 15.94 4 14.98 Ethelbert Metzner 17.27 5 15.88 14
400H Jean_C Roghi 60.19 6 53.3 Shaun Mulligan 59.90 4 57.2 12
LJ Sam Lyon 6.89 2 7.32 Joe Appiah 6.11 3 6.65 22
TJ Sam Lyon 13.69 2 13.98 Shaun Mulligan 11.00 5 12.23 18
PV Shaun Mulligan 2.23 7 3.83 Ethelbert Metzger 1.40 6 3.63   8
HJ Joe Appiah 1.68 4 1.98 Shaun Mulligan  1.53 6 1.73 13
HT Sean Breathnach 36.39 8 68.08 Courtney Green 17.53 6 41.21   7
DT Sean Breathnach 48.23 1    / Courtney Green 37.42 2 40.20 26
SP Sean Breathnach 17.67 1    / Courtney Green 13.16 1     / 28
JV Sam Lyon 41.84 6 63.59 Shaun Mulligan 33.64 7 55.21   8
4×100 1.George Huxley

3.Reece Dimesh

2.Shawn Wright

4.Conrad Williams

D/Q   0
4×400 1.Shawn Wright

3.George Huxley

2.Conrad Williams

4.Reece Dimesh

3-19.9 2 3-17.3 14
TOTAL Points 284.5


Team results:                                                                      League – after 2 matches


1st   Bournemouth            348                                         1st    Bournemouth          16   (670)

2nd  KENT AC                284.5                                      2nd   Havering                 12   (579)

3rd  Crawley                     280.5                                      3rd   KENT AC               11   (557)                      4th   Havering                   276                                         4th    Newquay & P          10   (560)

5th   Newquay & P           266                                         5th    Crawley                     9    (542)

6th   Glasgow                    241                                         6th    Basingstoke &MH    6    (516)

7th   Rugby  & N               233                                         7th    Glasgow                    5    (494)

8th   Basingstoke & MH    227                                         8th    Rugby & N               3    (410)