Presentation night 2019

Kent AC presentation night 2019

Ted Aston:

I’m delighted to say that I have today received the photographs of last week’s presentation party celebration. It was great seeing everybody turn up only a few days after the Christmas and New year celebrations when all most of us really wanted to do was recover and start our New Years resolutions!!, so thank you to all.

The evening included 2 presentation slots surrounded by drinks, food and music. We were lucky to have yet again the brilliant Felix’s School of Rock choir between the two presentations and my thanks goes out to all the choir who gave up their time for free to entertain us.

The Presentations only went slightly over time, but that’s what presentations do. A big thank you to all those who put the hard work into bringing all the statistics together and the great stories that surrounded them: Stuart, Pete, Victoria, Joe, Spencer, John, Allen, Amy, Owen, Rob, Richard and Dave. Special thanks to Sarah Young who ends her term as trophy secretary for finding, homing and bringing the trophies and medals along to the evening.  

President Ellie Brown, who for the second year running presented the awards so eloquently and articulately with beautifully delivered stories surrounding some of the winners, thank you so much Ellie.

Thanks also goes to our one and only Stuart Beaney who provided great performance in his role as compere for the evening. He is definitely the man for the job!

One of the focal points of the evening was the lifetime award for Conrad Williams Olympian, commonwealth games champion and European athletics champion. Brilliantly presented by our own Joe Appiah followed by a very touching and very personal speech by Conrad to his fellow Kent AC athletes.

Of course the evening would never happen without its army of volunteers. I would like to say a special thank you to all those who gave up their time over the Christmas break to help to put this all together behind the scenes, particularly to Ronnie, Alan, Petros, Emma, Ian, Carol, John, Adrian, Sarah, Ellie, Zoe, John, all those who donated food and all those that helped out when they arrived and for all those that helped clean and tidy up at the end of the evening. Special thanks to Facundo Arrizabalaga who provided us with his professional photography services who incidentally covered the world cup and Wimbledon last year.

This year’s presentation party celebration was the last event in my role as Social Secretary and as I hand over the baton to my successor Ian Mizen, I would like wish him all the best of luck in his new role and hope that he enjoys it as much as I have. After all it is for a great bunch of people.


Kind Regards


Presentation Night 2019

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