British League Bedford

                                                                                                        British League Div 2   at Bedford on Sat 7th July 2018


Despite a bit of a disappointing result where several things went wrong for us on the day and two athletes were ill on the day the team scrapped for every point. They were duly rewarded with moving nearer to a promotion slot so it’s all to play for in our last match at Bournemouth.

This was the last time that the BAL are attempting to have all 5 matches at the same venue and despite this meeting being better organised than last year the field events overran as the whole event demands no hiccups on the day.

However our two sprinters did well for us on the day as first Jon Browne ran a solid 10.75 secs to earn a good 4th place in a very high standard of sprinting in the 100 mand coupled with a time of 21.48 secs in the 200 m where he came 3rd in the A string generally had an excellent day. He had great backing up from Nathan Brown who ran a PB of 10.61 secs to earn 2nd place in the 100 m and he then produced a great run to record victory in the 200 m with a time of 21.76 secs.

Ben Harding had a very solid day despite only just making the match through injury and earnt solid points by coming 5th in the 800 m and 4th in the 1500 m. An off colour Dan Pettitt recovered pretty well to earn us a solid 4th place in the B 1500 m but he will need time to recover from his viral infection.

Our strength in distance events was demonstrated as both Jordan Weaver and Tom Mower both ran really well to both record PB’s as they ran 8 mins 39 secs and 8 min 46 secs showing great commitment to the cause as they overtook 3 runners on the last lap. They were backed up well by the evergreen Chris Greenwood who came 3rd in a solid time of 9 mins 37 secs in the 3000 m Steeplechase.

New recruit Ryan Hewitson, who had travelled down from Aberdeen, than had a solid introduction to league athletics as he ran 16.19 secs to earn 5th place in the 110 m Hurdles before a great debut in the High Jump as he leap 1.95 m earn 3rd place in the A string. His partner from Aberdeen Callum Robertson  had a solid jump of 3.60 m in the Pole vault yet there is far more to come from him in the future.

Our chief recruiting officer was another guy from Aberdeen who has recently moved to London, Sam Lyon, and he showed his undoubted talent as he recorded 6.98 m in the Long Jump and then an excellent 14.11 m to earn 2nd place in the Triple Jump to really boost these two events for us which have had to deal with the injury induced absence of Chuxx Onyia all season.

Last but by no means lowest in standard were our two throwers Sean Breathnach and Courtney Green who as usual earnt us valuable points in the Shot with an A sting win  and 3rd place in the B string after another 22 points in the Discus with  throws of 44.7 m and 39.50 m which earned then 3rd  place in the A string and 2nd place in the B string respectively. Great points at a key time in the match.

However I’ve left to last three key guys Joe Appiah, Max Harbord and an ill Shaun Mulligan whom covered no less than 8 events between themselves  and earnt us a total of 28 points between them and meant that yet again we filled every event which is vital in this league.

So it’s all to play for at Bournemouth in the last match of the year as we are now in 3rd place in the league and are gunning for the second placed team to earn our dream of promotion.

British League Division 2                                        at Bedford on Sat 7th  July 2018 
                         A STRING               Time     Pos Winner        B STRING                Time      Pos.    Winner   Pts.
100Jon Browne10.75410.52Nathan Brown10.61*210.6020
200Jon Browne21.48321.03Nathan Brown21.761   /24
400Reece Dimesh49.96648.28Max Harbord52.72849.42  7
800Ben Harding1 56.041 52.6Dan Pettit2 05.581 5511
1500Ben Harding4 06.353 59Dan Pettit4 18.744 0514
3000Jordan Weaver8 39.6*48 27Tom Mower8 46.2*38 41.718
3000ScChris Greenwood9 37.339 27Neil Phillips11 18.349 4318
110HRyan Hewitson16.19514.61Ethelbert MetznerDNF15.5  8
400HKehinde Dauda68.42853,8Shaun Mulligan68.84656.3  7
LJSam Lyon6.9837.34Joe Appiah6.2747.1518
TJSam Lyon14.11214.61Joe Appiah12.52313.6222
PVCallum Robertson  3.6054.60Ethelbert Metzger2.1074.2010
HJRyan Hewitson1.9532.07Joe Appiah1.6561.9015
HTSean Breathnach30.31866.17Courtney Green20.72742.53  6
DTSean Breathnach44.77346.59Courtney Green39.50240.6322
SPSean Breathnach16.511    /Courtney Green12.70313.7724
JVSam Lyon44.39860.42Shaun Mulligan32.03752.62  6
4×1001.Max Harbord

3.Joe Appiah

2. Nathan Brown

4. Jon Browne



 7                   42.06                 5
4×4001.Sam Lyon

3.Max Harbord

2. Ben Harding

4. Nathan Brown

            3 52.2       8                 3 19           4