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Filming & Photography Guidance

Kent AC Filming and Photography of Junior Member Athletes Guidance  

The following guidance is written with reference to: 


This guidance refers to, though is not exclusive to, issues of filming for the purposes of:  

  • Technical development of individual athletes 
  • Promotional content for Kent AC on social media 
  • Coach training required to fulfil EA coach training qualifications. 


  • ‘If the child is under 16, consent must be obtained from a parent / carer. If the child is over 16, it’s good practice to inform parents that photographs and/or videos of their child may be used if the child has given consent.’ (UKA p3) 
  • Request for consent will be collected during the Kent membership registration process and be stored within Kent ‘membermojos’ online file (accessed by specified authorised Kent AC committee members).  
  • Parents/carers of all junior members are asked to consent or deny consent to filming and informed they can ask for removal or deletion of images at any time. 

Sharing of filming 

  • It is best practice to share a copy of any filming with the parent/carer. 


  • Images should only be stored for as long as is required and should not be published anywhere without consent. 


  1. Consent for filming/photography of junior member athletes by parent/carer to be recorded on ‘membermojos’ file. 
  1. Membership secretary will share a list of young persons whose parent/carer do not provide consent for filming to coaches. 
  1. Coach to check with young person whose parents/carers have provided consent that they are content to be filmed before proceeding. 
  1. Best practice is to share images with parent/carer. 

Kent AC  

Date: 11/02/2024 

Review date: 24/06/2024