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Kent AC has a number of organised training groups who run together supported and are led by qualified coaches. Our training groups are made up of all levels of runners from beginners to international athletes who come from London and some from further afield.

Training groups normally operate from Ladywell Arena in Catford (South East London, SE6 4QX) on Tuesday & Thursday evenings throughout the year. 

Ladywell Arena is only 4 miles from Central London and is well served by public transport being only 13 min by train from London Bridge and has 8 bus routes serving it

There are a number of organised groups who train with qualified coaches all of whom are DBS checked. Training night start times are currently subject to change from week to week due to maintaining and following government guidelines.

Junior Training Groups

Junior Training Groups (Tuesdays)CoachesTuesday time
Long JumpTed Aston
Dan Eliassen
17:30 – 19:15
Middle DistanceIan Ellwood
Claire Oxlade
17:45 – 18:45
JavelinAndy Lewis17:45 – 18:30
Sprints/HurdlesDan Ansell
Miguel Stucchi
18:30 – 19:30
Foundation Group (new joiners) Sarah Hanley/Darren Brown
Stephen Jones/Joe Wilkes
17:45 – 18:45

Senior Training Groups

Senior Training Groups (Tuesdays)CoachesTuesday time
Parent fitness group
(timed to fit in with junior sessions for parents)
Adrian Musson 17:45 – 18:45
Long Distance – ‘C Group’
40min+ 10km runners and beginners
Adrian Musson 18:45
Middle & Long Distance for Women (43min+ 10km runners)Ellie Brown18:45
Sprint GroupJuno Field19:00
Long Distance – ‘B Group’
(33 min to 40 min 10km runner)
Stuart Beaney
Barny Day
Middle & Long Distance runners for Women (sub-43min 10km runners)Pete Boxshall19:15
Middle and long distance running seniors (29 min to 32 min 10km runners and 800/1500m runners of similar ability) – ‘A Group’Ken Pike 19:30

Training Group Contacts

Junior Athletics

The Kent AC junior athletics group is going from strength to strength. We currently have 100+ members. We coach sprints, hurdles, middle distance, endurance, long jump, triple jump, high jump and javelin and hope to add shot put, discuss and hammer in due course. The junior athletes compete in track & field events, cross country,...

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Seniors Training

The majority of Kent AC runners fall into the senior category (a Senior is a competitor who is at least 20 years of age on 31st December in the calendar year of competition).  If you are unsure whether you can compete within a certain age group (u11, u13, u15, u17, u20, senior, master, veteran) then...

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Vets Training

If you fall into the veteran or masters age category there are many different opportunities for you to compete for Kent AC on the track, road and cross country. Events for master’s are for athletes who are at least 35 years of age on the day of competition. Athletes are then categorised into 5-year age...

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Training Schedule

Training group description and criteriaTimesGroups/CoachJunior group (10 years - 17 years) Tuesday17:30 - 20:00Foundation, Sprints, Middle Distance & JavelinJunior group (10 years - 17 years) Thursday18:15 - 20:15Foundation, Sprints, Hurdles, High Jump & Middle DistanceSeniors, vets & newcomers(40+ min 10km men and women)18:50-19:3018:50- 20:00Tuesday (Coach Adrian Musson)Thursday (Coach Ted Aston)Senior / vet women(sub 40 min...

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Track Training

If you are new to running, training on a running track is a great session to introduce a more formal training routine to your running. If you are a more experienced runner, you may be more familiar with the track sessions that are hosted on Tuesday evenings ranging from 200m – 1-mile reps. Weekly track...

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Off track Training

Tuesday track training sessions are supplemented periodically with off track training sessions around Ladywell Park and laps of Hilly Fields.  For all of these sessions, meet at the track at the usual time then you can jog to the start of the session together. Many of these sessions will run through the winter months when...

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Club Runs

Club training runs are organised throughout the week and cover different distances, paces and surfaces to accommodate runners of different abilities and specificities. These are not coached sessions, nor races, and are usually led by one or two club members. Club runs are organised either through the Kent AC mailing lists or What’s App group.  ...

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