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Kent AC Committee

The committee meets on the 1st Monday of each month. The AGM is held in November. 

Committee Posts


Apart from chairing the AGM, optionally chairing committee meetings and presenting at the awards presentation evening, it’s largely honorific, but is expected to offer wise counsel in situations of stress or controversy.

Alan Curtis

Alan joined Kent AC in Summer 2015. Running had been part of my life since a boy but had been purely non-competitive since then. I enjoy Tuesday training sessions with the C Group, and love Cross Country races. My running has greatly improved since joining KAC, and I have made many new friends. I enjoy being part of an inclusive club which has men, women, boys and girls of all abilities.

Club Secretary

Chief point of contact for outside organisations and for recording and communicating internal management and administration.  

Daniel Ansell


Responsible for managing income and expenditure, reimbursing expenses, producing statements of accounts at the AGM and maintaining financial records to satisfy the auditor.

David Devlin

Started running in 2014, in my mid 40’s, just trying to get fit.  I then discovered parkrun and later that year found Kent AC.  It was great to find out that the club facilitated all levels and I still enjoy training with the C group.  I have, to date, run six marathons in the Kent AC vest and love the buzz of  “racing” as part of such a great club.

Membership Secretary

Processes new applications and maintains the database of members and subscriptions. Registers athletes with England Athletics and deals with affiliation queries. Handles payments to the club and EA. Reports to the Committee regarding new members, resignations and lapsed members.

 Bernie Hutchinson

A member of Kent AC since 1986, having previously been a member of Ealing & Southall AC and Leeds City AC. Committee member since c.1988 and has held the post of membership secretary since 1995.

Social Secretary

Organises annual presentation evening, Christmas party and adhoc events throughout the year.

Katie Rowland

Awaiting photo & profile

Coaching Secretary

Responsible for the coaching structure, to assist athletes to improve their performances; arrange mentors to support coaches to progress to the level they aspire to; and recruit new coaches.

Ted Aston

Long distance runner with the club since 2006, ex club social secretary now newly appointed coaching secretary in 2018. As a coach, I focus on long distance endurance for the seniors as well as coaching junior girls in track, middle distance, road and cross country.

Communications Manager

Amelia Pettitt

I’m fairly new to the club joining in 2019, although I have been a runner since the age of 9. I joined Kent AC when I moved to South East London last year and I have loved being part of the community. I’m very much suited to longer distance and cross country running, having taken part in various local club level events as well as international competitions. I have many running ambitions including stepping up to marathon distance. I am very grateful to be part of the fantastic environment Kent AC provides to help me achieve my goals and I am passionate about supporting other club members to help them achieve their goals too.

Track – Men

Ian Ellwood

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Track Women

Victoria Buck

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A multi-distance runner whose preferred distances are the half and full marathon but also likes to compete in vets track competitions  over the 400m, 800m and 1500m distances.  Regularly represents Kent AC in the winter XC fixtures.  As the ladies team captain for the Southern Athletics League also competes in various field events including long jump, discus and javelin.

Road – Men

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James Bowler

Road – Women

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Katie Rowland

Cross Country – Men

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John Gilbert

Dan Pettitt

I started running more seriously when I went to university, discovering cross country and track for the first time. Since then my passion for running and racing has only grown, having been a member of Kent AC since 2017. I now train with the A Group targeting middle distance in the summer and cross country in the winter.

Cross Country – Women

Sarah Hanley

I joined the club as a long distance runner in 2016 with the lofty ambition to run New York Marathon and wanted to join the best club in South East London in order to get to the start line in one piece. Having ran in school and for a while at university in Birmingham, I had a rough idea of what I was doing but was quickly whipped into shape in the B group sessions. Alongside my fiancé, we made lots of new friends and got into the habit of regular running on track nights and have enjoyed racing regularly for the club since then! I have enjoyed many successes since joining Kent AC and have smashed my best times from 3km up to marathon since joining and have to say a big thank you to Pete Boxshall for keeping me on the straight and narrow! 

Welfare Officers

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Susie Fairbrass

I started running in 2012 and was recommended by a family member to join the Tuesday night track sessions at Kent AC. I train with the C group and I have completed three marathons in my Kent AC vest. My favourite races are Cross Country, the muddier and hillier the better!

Neil Gordon – Orr


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Committee Posts (without portfolio)

Adrian Musson, Dennis Fairbrass and Norman Fairbrass

Ex Presidents