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Track Training

If you are new to running, training on a running track is a great session to introduce a more formal training routine to your running. If you are a more experienced runner, you may be more familiar with the track sessions that are hosted on Tuesday evenings ranging from 200m – 1-mile reps. Weekly track sessions are circulated prior to the session either through the Kent AC mailing list or What’s App Group.

It is important that all runners training on the track follow our track etiquette to help keep us all safe and able to train to the best of our abilities. Key to minimising congestion is for all groups to start sharply at their session start time and follow the track guidance outlined below. 

Track Training Guidance

  • Athletes should run in an anti-clockwise direction at all times.
  • Lanes 1 and 2 should not be used for recovery, warm-up or cool-down running.
  • When starting a rep, check behind you 40m before you get to the start line and assess who’s coming.  Let those on a rep through or go well before them.  Remember it’s not always vital to start your rep in lane one, start in lane three and slot in as you get up to speed.
  • In small group of 2/3, if you’re not overtaking, run behind the runner in front, you don’t need to overlap and create an echelon to see where you’re going (every lap is exactly the same as the last) and it is good practice to take the short line and stay tucked in
  • Look both ways before moving across lanes – particularly when stepping onto the track from the inside or the outside – treat the track and infield like you would a road. 
  • When completing a rep in a group, tuck in, there’s no need for any group to ever go wider than lane two, unless overtaking.  
  • Stay alert and don’t use ear phones or your phone. 
  • If someone shouts ‘TRACK’ either move to the right or move to the infield and let them pass you.
  • Should an athlete running an effort/timed run find their way blocked by someone jogging/walking/standing on the inside lanes, they should shout ‘TRACK’ to get the offender to move out of the way immediately.  Those shouting track need to do so in good time to allow the person to move, if it’s too late, you are better to move round them.
  • Athletes should not shout ‘TRACK’ to other athletes doing an effort/timed run even if they are slower. The faster athlete should overtake safely before moving back into the inside lane.
  • Don’t stop suddenly on the track.
  • Everyone is equal during their efforts – regardless of the pace they’re running at.