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Club Runs

Club training runs are organised throughout the week and cover different distances, paces and surfaces to accommodate runners of different abilities and specificities. These are not coached sessions, nor races, and are usually led by one or two club members. Club runs are organised either through the Kent AC mailing lists or What’s App group.  

The most popular club run is the Sunday morning long run which fits in with many clubs’ members marathon training. The start time for the runs vary weekly with some setting off at 6.30am, and others 9am. Popular meeting points are Greenwich park Bandstand, Greenwich foot tunnel, the gates of Greenwich park or the Ladywell track with routes going up the Victoria Park, Thames Barrier or laps Blackheath and Greenwich park. The run host will propose a meeting time, run distance, route and estimated pace they would like to keep to. It’s helpful to let someone know if your planning to join one of these runs so they can keep an eye out for you.

If you join one of these runs, you are of course welcome to drop off at any point, but it would be wise to think through your travel options for getting home! It’s not advised to wear headphones when taking part in club runs as we share routes with other runners, cyclists, and members of the public. 

People who are not members of the club are welcome to join these runs, but if you take participate on a regular basis, we would like you to join the club.