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Kent AC is a voluntary organisation.  All the benefits of your membership: access to competition, team management, training groups, coaching, subsidised transport, networking, social events, access to the track, etc, and the administrative activities behind these, eg membership and finance are carried out by volunteers.  These are ordinary members who are active athletes, many of whom have a career, or family, or both.  Many of them do more than one job, some have been doing their role for a very long time.

The club always has need for people to help out.  There is something whatever your skills or the time you have available.  It could be something ongoing, such as supporting one of the committee roles, or a one off such as helping at a fixture or event.

There is more detail on three specific areas below.

Please contact   to offer or for more information

Vic Buck and Len Reilly
Autumn 2022

Volunteers and Marshals

Every event that Kent AC participates in needs a team of marshals and volunteers to help things run smoothly, and club events only happen if people get involved. For example, The Southern Athletics League track & field events take place across the summer and each meeting needs marshals. People to hand out race numbers and...

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Athletics Officials and Officiating

Athletics is overwhelmingly a voluntary sport and this applies to the people that make competition happen, the officials. They are the people that ensure the rules are followed, competition is fair and safe, timetables kept to and results compiled. Officials are needed in events we put on eg club championships and track and field leagues...

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Club Coaches and Run Leaders

We’d be lost without our coaches. The club supports members who are considering leading or coaching. There’s no correlation with being a fast runner – it’s far more important to be interested in helping others improve. If you are interested in becoming a coach please contact Ted Aston, the Coaching Secretary, to talk about how you can...

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