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Club Kit

We have a fantastic range of running kit in a range of sizes to suit all, our kit is of high quality and great value.

New members can purchase a club vest for £5 on joining. Your vest will be posted to you Contact :

Replacement vests cost £15

Vests can be purchased via the Kent AC website membership page

Mens Kit: You can view and order mens Kent AC club kit at

Orders are sent directly to your address

Any queries please email 

Women’s Kit: You can view and order womens Kent AC club kit at

Any queries please email : 

Club kit is ordered direct from the manufacturers, only when our ‘shop’ is open.

Orders will be distributed on Tuesday evenings at Ladywell or by arrangement.

Special note about racing in eligible kit

Use the kit for racing, training or giving your support at races as a volunteer or spectator.

We urge you to wear a club running vest or t-shirt (short or long sleeves) for running races. This kit – the style it’s in, the colours and the portrayal of our badge is officially recognised by UK Athletics and will ensure you and/or your team are eligible to represent the club in that race.

Please note that the rules for our own Club Championships are very clear – club kit must be worn in Club Championship races in order to be eligible for Club Championship Awards. The only exception to this rule is where members have to wear charity kit in the London Marathon.

The UKA requirement for inter club competition relays is that the design of club vests MUST be the same. That relates to the vest design registered with UKA and not the type of vest, such as all in ones, crop tops, vests or tee shirts. As long as the club design is the same that is fine.  As to the brand logo, that doesn’t have to be the same nor does it need to be on the same spot on the vest.

When clubs change their vests due to a complete redesign, they have a one year grace to wear both designs in competition. However, they must all wear the same in a relay in that grace period. (Oct 21st 19)