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Track Pass FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Are changing rooms and lockers available?

Due to the COVID pandemic the changing rooms and lockers remain shut.

There are limited toilet facilities available.

Are concessions available?

No concessions are available apart from Junior Athletes training in the organised Junior groups.

Concessions may be revisited in the future when we have a better understanding of the demand and usage of the track.

Are the toilets open?

There are limited toilet facilities available for use – but on occasion these can be closed due to staff availability to open them and/or building management issues (e.g. broken pipes).

Therefore please do not rely on them.

Are track passes transferable between members?

Track passes are not transferable from one member to another member for any reason.

This is because of both track and trace requirements and ensuring members are licensed and therefore the insurance is valid for both the individual and the club.

Please do not offer, or transfer track passes between members.

Kent AC reserves the right to cancel the track pass validity of any member that is intentionally breaks these rules.

Bicycle – can I bring mine?

Bicycles are allowed on the premises. Please ensure they are secured as they are brought onto the premises at your own risk.

Can I do my own session?

Due to current COVID restrictions you can only participate in organised group training.


Can I get a refund if I am injured / stuck at work / etc.?

It is not possible for Kent AC to issue refunds due to costs and administrative effort.

Kent AC incurs a hire charge for the Ladywell Arena on a hourly basis regardless of how many people turn up and therefore need to recoup this through membership fees.

Can I use the track at any other times?

No – there is no public access to the track and no community hours.

The track is only open when Kent AC exclusively hire the track.

Could the track close for good?

If Kent AC membership fees do not cover the cost of keeping the track open then it is a real possibility the track could close for good.

Croydon Arena (also managed by GLL) has recently been closed for good so it is a real risk.

Do I have to be a Kent AC member to purchase a track pass?

Yes you need to be a Kent AC first claim or second claim member.

This is required so that we can operate a COVID Secure environment and maintain contact details of everyone who uses the facility.

Do I need a track pass if I only do one session per month?

Yes you do.  We cannot pro-rata track passes due to the extra administration effort.  The process is run entirely by volunteers.

Do I need to maintain social distancing?

Yes you need to maintain social distancing at all times and do not mix amongst training groups either before or after training.

Please familiarise yourself with the EA Return To Activity Guidance:

Face masks – do I need one?

Face masks should be worn when entering and exiting the track.

Festive period – when is the track open/shut??

The track will be open:

Thursday 3/12/20
Tuesday 8/12/20
Thursday 10/12/20
Tuesday 15/12/20
Thursday 17/12/20

Tuesday 22/12/20

The track will be closed for the festive period:

Thursday 24/12/20
Tuesday 29/12/20
Thursday 31/12/20

Hand sanitiser – is there any available?

Members are required to bring their own refreshments and hand sanitiser.

Has Kent AC chosen to do this?

No – the new model has been forced upon us by Lewisham Council.

Kent AC need the track membership fees to cover the cost of the track in order to keep it open.

How do I know what organised sessions are available?

Please look at the weekly club newsletter for sessions or contact your coach.

Contact details are available on the Kent AC website.

How long is a monthly pass valid for?

A monthly pass is only valid for the current calendar month – so a January pass is valid 1st to 31st January regardless of when you purchase it.

How much is a track pass?

A track pass is £10 for a full calendar month and £99 for an annual pass covering a full calendar year between Jan 2021 and Dec 2021.

I have a question that is not answered here

Please contact the club using the Contact Us page and we will answer your question and may add it to these FAQs.

Is the gym open?

The gym is not currently open and GLL have informed Kent AC that it will not be reopening.

Is there a pay as you go option?

No – the operators of Ladywell Arena no longer take payment and only hire the track out exclusively to Kent AC.  The club do not have the volunteers to staff the facility at all times to collect pay as you go fees.

Is there anywhere to store valuables?

There are no locker facilities available so we encourage you to leave valuables at home, carry them with you as you run (e.g. a running belt/arm-strap), or give them to a coach.

Parent/guardian attendance – is this allowed?

A maximum of one parent/guardian is allowed to accompany a junior member inside the arena.

Track fees – how do I pay?

Please pay your track fees at

What about throwers/jumpers?

Throwing/jumping is not currently permitted during current club training nights.

Kent AC will introduce this when permitted.

What happens if Kent AC makes a profit?

Kent AC objective is to break even on track fees.  The club does not plan to make a profit, and does not think it will make a profit.

In the unlikely event that the club makes a profit on track fees then it will investigate options on how those additional funds can be best utilised for those who have paid track fees, e.g. refunds, reduced track membership fees, additional hours/days, free sessions, etc.  It is likely these options will be put to members for a vote.

What if there is another lockdown?

If there is another lockdown that prevents the track from opening and Kent AC training then we will look to offer a pro-rata refund on unused sessions as Kent AC will not be incurring any costs when the track is closed.

What is the Kent AC Covid Policy?

The Kent AC Covid Policy is in progress of being moved to Kent AC website but can currently be viewed here:

Kent AC Covid self declaration

Please ensure you read, accept and comply with the policy if attending Kent AC events.



When is Ladywell Arena open?

Ladywell Arena is open every Tuesday (5:45pm-8:45pm) and Thursday (6:30pm-8:30pm).

Who pays for the track hire?

Kent AC pay for the track hire and are responsible for meeting any shortfalls.  It is therefore a collective responsibility of members to contribute to track membership fees in order to keep the track open.

If Kent AC cannot meet the financial commitments then the track may have reduced hours or be closed entirely.

Why have things changed?

Lewisham Council Leisure have terminated the previous track operator (Fusion) and installed a new track operator (GLL).

The old model made the track lose a lot of money and the council are only prepared to reopen the track if Kent AC pay an hourly track fee for training nights.

They do not have plans to open the track to the public or open the gym.


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