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Club Coaches and Run Leaders

We’d be lost without our coaches. The club supports members who are considering leading or coaching. There’s no correlation with being a fast runner – it’s far more important to be interested in helping others improve. If you are interested in becoming a coach please contact Ted Aston, the Coaching Secretary, to talk about how you can help the club through coaching.  Alternatively, you can speak to any of the club’s regular coaches about their experiences and see if you can help out in their sessions before you go on a coaching course.

Please find below our coaching team members:

  • Joe Appiah                   Level 2             Sprints/Jumps
  • Conrad Williams         Level 2             Sprints
  • Ken Pike                        Level 3             Endurance
  • Pete Boxshall               Level 2             Endurance
  • Ellie Brown                  Level 2             Endurance
  • Adrian Musson            Level 1             Endurance
  • Ted Aston CIRF            Level 3             Endurance                               
  • Sarah Young                 Level 1             Endurance
  • Sarah Dowling             Level 1             Endurance
  • Sheryl Clark                 Coaching Assistant 
  • Ronnie Haydon           Coaching Assistant 
  • Kate Williams              Coaching Assistant 

The Coaching qualifications are as follows:

There are 2 different pathways. Track and Field & Endurance

  1. Coaching Assistant – to take a coaching role working under the supervision of fully qualified coach
  2. Athletics Coach – main qualification for athletics, including track and Field events. (Available only with obtaining a Coaching Assistant qualification first)
  1. Leader in Running Fitness (LIRF) to take a coaching role working under the supervision of fully qualified coach
  2. Coach in Running Fitness (CIRF) – the main qualification is about the broad application to non-track-based endurance running (Available only with obtaining the LIRF qualification first)

Find out more :  Ted Aston Coaching Secretary email: