Membership Fees
We aim to keep our fees low, whilst offering a wide range of competition. Membership includes race entry to a number of cross country fixtures, club track championships races, and some road fixtures such as the assembly league series of races. It also includes a club vest on joining the club.

The annual fees for 2016/2017 are:

  • Senior men – £35
  • Senior women – £35
  • Under 17 – £25
  • Students / unwaged – £25
  • Life membership – £350

New members have a choice of 2 methods of joining :-

  1. Complete the Online Membership Form and pay by Paypal, or
  2. Pay by cheque (payable to Kent AC) and post it together with a completed Membership Form to the address on the form

Do I need to join the England Athletics registration scheme?
Kent AC has made this optional and it is left to the individual to decide if they wish to join. The reason for this is that many races do not require affiliation to England Athletics – usually the more low key and local races such as 10ks, cross country and parkruns. To compete at a higher level e.g. National championships, South of England championship races, London marathon then an England Athletics registration number may well be required. You should base your decision on your anticipated level of competition.

EA Registration Fees (Optional)
For 2016/2017 the cost is £13.00 per annum for Senior athletes rising to £14 for 2017/2018.  This covers you for a period of one year from the 1st April to 31st March. This registration now ties in with the Kent AC subscription year which runs from April to March.

Once registered you will be issued an EA registration number which is used when entering races where an EA number is compulsory. You will be covered for insurance purposes for the duration of the race. You will also receive some discounts on clothing at the Sweatshop chain.

You can pay the extra £14.00 for EA registration either by cheque or PayPal when you join the club. Existing members can renew their registration by the same methods. Once the membership secretary receives notification of payment he will register the athlete online and send the necessary payment to England Athletics.

Our club uses for online membership. Payment is made using PayPal or cheque.

Changes to address, contact, or family details are made through our online membership system.

Club Rules: KentAC-ClubRules-2015-11

Postal Membership Form (see links above for online membership): KentAC-membership-form