British League 5th May 2018

                                                        British League report

match 1 at Yeovil on Sat 5th May 2018

A great start to the year where despite a small team of only 15 athletes all of whom performed well, avoided injuries, and pushed us to a team result of a good 5th place. It was a warm day at Yeovil and the meeting was a well organised one with all the team up for the fight and all there on time.

We started well with Nathan Brown coming home in 3rd place in a highly competitive A 100 m race with great backing from new recruit Gift McLaren who did well by coming home in 4th pace in the B 100 m. They repeated their good runs by finishing in the same positions in the 200 m. Next up was our the ever reliable Ben Harding who did well in the A 800 m as he was just edged into 2nd place in a competitive race. Another  new recruit Dan Pettit then gave it his all but faded to 7th place  in a very good standard B race – yet he was rewarded with a PB and valuable experience. Both did the 1500 m later on to show their real commitment to the cause and Dan was rewarded with a good 5th  place which bodes well for the future.

One of our stalwarts, Chris Greenwood, was next up where he also gave the race a real go but was just edged into 2nd place in the 3000 m steeplechase and he assures us that he will be doing some hurdling practice before the next match ! Neil Phillips then got us solid points in the B race before showing us his throwing exploits in the Javelin – all with the London Marathon still in his legs.

Team Captain, Joe Appiah, then lead from the front as he recorded a fine 2nd place in the A 110 m Hurdles with fine hurdling in a good time of 15.93 secs and he had great backing up from Ethelbert Metzger who came 3rd in the B race in a excellent PB time of 17.85 secs.

Sean Breathnach who showed us all what commitment is by traveling over from Galway on the west coast of Ireland then did well by first of all coming 2nd in the A Discus with a throw of 45.27 m before going one better by getting 1st pace in the A Shot with a throw of 17.08 m – all of which were achieved with heavy training in his legs ! Our other stalwart in the throws, Courtney Green, then had some solid throws of 11.97 m in the shot and 32.45 m in the discus to earn good 4th places in both the B strings. He now assures me that he is about to start training solidly !

The 400 m then produced some excellent results as Shawn Wright, who is now working in London, came home 4th in the A 400 m in  a good standard race – an excellent run given his injury woes this winter which promises well for the future. Another new recruit, Reece Dimesh, then delivered only our second win of the day as he ran a well judged race in 50.46 secs – a great start to a season that promises to be a revelation for him now that he is training with Jack Green.

We also had some good runs in the 3000 m where Jordan Weaver ran an astute race and got us 5th place in a PB time of 8min 48secs backed up well by Chris Greenwood who earnt us 3rd place in the B race.

We had superb backing up, what with our small numbers, from Max Harbord who filled no less than 5 events, most of which were new to him, as he helped earn no less than 26 points on the day !!! He was backed up well by Joe Appiah who also did 5 events and earned us a total of 34 points – a great display by both of them that really helped the team out big time.

Last up, was the Relays, where our new recruits were added to by George Huxley in the 4 x 100 m  as he showed us his talent with a great opening leg, then super changes from Gift and Max as Nathan then lead them to glory to seal a fine win. Great handover practice from Joe Appiah obviously paid off !

The 4 x 400 m was another great relay for us to seal a good day as Shawn, Gift, Nathan and Reece performed really well to seal a super 2nd place on a good day for Kent AC.




British League Division 2                                        at Yeovil on Sat 5th May 2018
                         A STRING                   Time     Pos Winner         B STRING                Time      Pos. Winner  Pts.
100 Nathan Brown 10.81 3 10.59 Gift McLaren 11.14 4 11.01 18
200 Nathan Brown 22.18 3 21.61 Gift McLaren 22.76 4 22.11 18
400 Shawn Wright 48.89 4 47.3 Reece  Dimesh 50.46 1     / 22
800 Ben Harding 1-56.3 2 1-55.9 Dan Pettit 2-02.4 7 1-55 16
1500 Ben Harding 4-10.4 6 3-57.6 Dan Pettit 4-15.4 5 3-59 10
3000 Jordan Weaver 8-48.5 5 8-29 Chris Greenwood 9-06.9 3 8-47 16
3000Sc Chris Greenwood 9-44.1 2 9-40.7 Neil Phillips 10-54.3 3 9-59 22
110H Joe Appiah 15.93 2 15.14 Ethelbert Metzger 17.85 3 16.8 22
400H Jordan Weaver 73.6 8 55.1 Chris Greenwood 74.5 5 57.5   8
LJ Joe Appiah 6.14 6 7.25 Max Harbord 5.27 6 6.30   9
TJ Joe Appiah 11.81 7 14.25 Max Harbord 10.49 6 12.19   8
PV Ethelbert Metzger 2.20 7 4.20 Joe Appiah 1.40 5 3.50   9
HJ Joe Appiah 1.70 7 2.05 Max Harbord 1.20 7 1.70   7
HT Sean Breathnach 39.21 5 53.69 Courtney Green 20.77 7 43.07  10
DT Sean Breathnach 45.27 2 45.88 Courtney Green 32.45 4 39.71  20
SP Sean Breathnach 17.08 1     / Courtney Green 11.97 4 13.43  22
JV Neil Phillips 14.26 8 62.65 Max Harbord 8.58 7 52.9    6
4×100 1.George Huxley

3.Max Harbord

2. Gift McLaren

4. Nathan Brown

43.22 1    / 16
4×400 1 Shawn Wright

3.Nathan Brown



2. Gift McLaren  51.9

4. Reece Dimesh 51.7

3-25.9 2 3-22 14
TOTAL Points 272.5



Team Result                                                                  Non scoring:


  1. Bournemouth 322                       100 m   Max Harbord      77
  2. Havering 303                        400 m  George Huxley    66
  3. Newquay & P 294
  4. Basingstoke & MH 289
  5. KENT AC 5
  6. Crawley 262
  7. Glasgow 253
  8. Rugby & Northampton 5